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The Founding of IAULS
       The founding meeting of the International Association of Urban Language Studies (IAULS) was held at Nanjing, China on August 12, 2016 and 46 delegates from five states attended the meeting. At the meeting, the Presidium of the meeting was first elected and thereafter presided over the meeting. The meeting proceeded in the discussion and decision of the name of the association and then elected the administrative body of the association, which consists of the President, Vice-presidents, the Executive Committee, and the Supervisory Committee. Professor Daming Xu of University of Macau was elected the President of IAULS. Professor James Walker of York University, Professor Tomosada Kenji of Prefectural University of Hisoshima, Professor Shen Yang of Nanjing University, and Dr. Hans van de Velde of Frisian Academy were elected the Vice-presidents of IAULS. Professor Guo Jun of Nanjing Xiaozhuang University was elected the Director of the Executive Committee of IAULS. Dr. Zhang Jingwei of Nanjing University was elected the Director of the Supervisory Committee of IAULS. Professor Bao Lianqun of Oita University was elected the Chair of the Presidium of the General Assembly of IAULS.
        The IAULS was formed on the basis of The International Network of Urban Language Studies (INULS), which was registered with The International Institute for Asian Studies and whose activities were funded by The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NOW) and The China Center for Linguistic and Strategic Studies (CCLASS). Since its founding in 2008, INULS has been promoting the studies of linguistic urbanization. The study of linguistic urbanization was initiated at the Sociolinguistics Laboratory of Nanjing University, which was founded by Professor Daming Xu in 2003. The studies of linguistic urbanization have developed vigorously over the years and one of the indicators is the conference series entitled Urban Language Seminars (ULS), which have been held in China, Germany, the Netherlands, and Japan, and sponsored by dozens of universities and research institutions including Nanjing University, Fudan University, Leiden University, Utrecht University, City University of Hong Kong, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, The Institute for the German Language (IDS), The Association of Chinese Sociolinguistics (ACS), and many others. The founding meeting of IAULS was held as part of the 14th Urban Language Seminar, which was held at the Fengxi Hotel, Nanjing on August 10-12, 2016 with nearly one hundred scholars from eight different countries and regions participating.